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Research Publication

Areas of Work

Published Research Archives and Journal

Journal of American Council of Chartered Scientists Engineers and Technologists (JACCSET)


Arts & Humanities

Aviation and Aerospace


Business  Administration

Banking and  Finance

Humanities Indicators; arts in America; humanities and social sciences 

Democracy & Justice

Access to legal services; American institutions; citizenship; judicial independence; incarceration


Engineering Technology



K-16 policy; higher education; language learning; public universities; universal education

Law and Legal Studies

Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering  Technology

NanoScience ,  NanoEngineering, and   Nanotechnology  

Energy & Environment

Energy policy; resource scarcity; nuclear safety, security, and waste management

 Global Affairs

Civil wars; international responses; ethics, technology, and war; nuclear weapons and arms control; rules of space 

Science & Technology

Space Science

Science in society; international collaborations; U.S. research policy; STEM workforce

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