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Membership levels

1. Associate Member

For undergraduate students 

Or holders of Diploma and Associate degrees

2. Listed Member

Holders of First degrees and above and publishable research work

3. Registered Member

Holders of first degree and above. 

Two publishable research works

4. Incorporated Scientist

   Incorporated Engineer

Five publishable research work. 

Master's degree and above


5. Chartered Scientists

   Chartered Engineer

Minimum Ten publishable research works. 

Master's degree and above.


6. Fellow

Fellow Technologists

Fellow Scholar

Fellow Scientist

Fellow Engineer

Minimum twenty publishable research works. 

Master's degree and above.


Members list

Membership in the council is an honor and an opportunity

The council’s elected members join with other experts in cross-disciplinary efforts to produce reflective, independent, and pragmatic studies that inform public policy and advance the public good.

Council members include those who discover and advance knowledge and those who apply knowledge to the problems of society. 

Membership list

Zhenan Bao

Stanford University

AREA:  Mathematical and Physical Sciences

SPECIALTY: Engineering and Technology

ELECTED:  2021


·        Fellowship in Science and Technology Policy

·          Presidential Fellowship

·         Visiting Scholars


At present, the council sponsors two fellowship programs: the  Fellowship in Science and Technology Policy and the  Presidential Fellowship. In addition, the Council occasionally offers Fellowships within particular program areas. When fellowship opportunities are available, they are listed on our Jobs & Fellowships page. 

Fellowship in Science and Technology Policy

The Fellowship in Science and Technology Policy provides an opportunity for an early-career professional with training in science or engineering to learn about a career in public policy and administration. To be eligible for the Fellowship applicants must have a Ph.D. in an area of science or engineering and some experience or a demonstrated interest in an area related to science and technology policy. The Ph.D. must be conferred prior to the start of the fellowship.

Learn more about the Fellow currently at the council . Information about past Fellows in Science and Technology Policy and the projects they worked on at the council is available in the archives.



Presidential Fellowship

In an effort to promote public outreach and innovative ideas put forward by members of the council. The Fellowship provides an opportunity to develop expertise on a broad range of policy issues for an early-career academic professional who is interested in pursuing a career in public policy and administration. A Presidential Fellow can work in an array of areas to expand and promote public outreach, innovation, and new policy projects. Jan Tien - serving as a Communications Specialist - is the current Presidential Fellow. Information about Presidential Fellows is available in the Council's archives.

Visiting Scholars

The Council’s Visiting Scholars Program provided residential fellowships to postdoctoral scholars in the humanities and social sciences. Information about Visiting Scholars in prior years and their projects is online in the Council archives.


A number of colleges, universities, and cultural and scientific institutions are collaborating with the Council by participating in its studies and helping to support its efforts to advance the common good. The Council and the members of its Affiliates Program share a commitment to the vitality of higher education and the value of research. By partnering with the council in its endeavors, the Affiliates provide a critical public service.

To learn more about the Affiliates Program, please contact us at      American Council of Chartered Scientists Engineers and Technologists                                                           (ACCSET. USA) P.O Box 400 Winchester CA 92595                                                                                            Email:

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